Join your fellow Winemakers in raising your collective voice to encourage Members of Congress to enact climate solutions in an effective, bipartisan, economically supportive and equitable way.  We will be presenting this Declaration to legislators at CCL’s Congressional Education day in November 2019. The time is now for action. Click here to endorse.


We, the Wine Industry of America, as business owners, leaders, entrepreneurs, employers and citizens hereby declare our strong recommendation for federal action to mitigate the risks of climate change, allowing our businesses to flourish and creating a healthy planet for all future generations.

WHEREAS the recent IPCC and National Climate Assessment reports call for immediate action to stem the worst effects of climate change;

WHEREAS climate change is neither a partisan nor a political issue but can be a bridge to bring us together for our common future;

WHEREAS we already see the effects of climate change on our businesses;

WHEREAS we are making substantial efforts and investments to reduce our carbon footprint and to ensure that we and our supply chain are sustainable and well positioned to avoid disruption from climate events;

WHEREAS the Wine Industry in the United States has a direct economic impact of more than $80 billion, with a total impact in excess of $200 billion, supports more than 1.7 million jobs, and is an important part of our social fabric;

WHEREAS America has the technology and the economic strength for bold climate action; all that we need is public and political will to meet the challenge of restoring our climate

WHEREAS the bipartisan Congressional Wine Caucus  has more than 145 members representing all 50 states;

WHEREAS the IPCC report, a consensus of global economists, NGOs, businesses, policy leaders, and a majority of American citizens believe a fundamental step in the process of climate mitigation and reversal is the pricing of carbon pollution;

WHEREAS the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act was recently introduced in the House of Representatives and is the first bipartisan climate solution bill in over a decade;

WHEREAS research shows that the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act will effectively reduce America’s emissions by at least 40% within 12 years, grow the economy and create 2.1 million additional jobs over the next 10 years, improve our overall health and is revenue neutral;

WHEREAS, time is of the essence and the actions we take in the next few years will have repercussions (potentially very positive or negative depending on our course of action) for generations to come;


We declare climate change a substantial and growing risk to our business; We endorse equitable and effective state and national carbon pricing policies.  Congress should act immediately to implement a fair and effective bipartisan, national carbon pricing policy such as the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act.


Michael Moyer, Director
Wine & Viticulture, Lake Michigan College
-Kalamazoo, MI
Oracle Vineyard
-Dundee, OR
Raffaldini Vineyards and Winery LLC
-Ronda, NC
Rove Estate
-Traverse City, MI
Sheldrake Point Winery
-Ovid, NY
WaterFire Vineyards
-Kewadin, MI

Bet The Farm Winery
-Trumansburg, NY
Chateau Aux Arc Vineyards and Winery
-Altus, AR
Cherry Republic
-Glen Arbor, MI
COR Wine Sellers
-Lyle, WA
Hunt Country Vineyards
-Branchport, NY
Keepsake Cidery
-Dundas, MN
Left Foot Charley
-Traverse City, MI
Mawby Sparkling Wines
-Suttons Bay, MI