Team up with BCL for in-district advocacy 

When it comes to climate policy, the biggest companies have their own lobbyists on Capitol Hill.  How can smaller businesses amplify their voices in Congress? And if your company has facilities in multiple locations, how can you leverage their influence on Congress?

BCL has a solution. We help CCL Chapter “Grasstops Outreach Teams (GO Teams!)” connect with local business leaders and their employees. The GO Teams can educate your employees who want to speak up on climate, organizing letter writing, face-to-face meetings and public events with their Representatives.

BCL piloted this approach with CCL chapters in Idaho, where local businesses joined our GO Team and, through networking, helped make introductions to other companies in the area with great results.  After the successful Idaho campaign, we are now rolling out the GO Team campaign to CCL chapters all across the country.  

If you would like to engage with your Members of Congress at the community level and connect with with your local BCL GO Team, please email our GO Team Program Manager.