About Business Climate Leaders

Business Climate Leaders (BCL) is a project of Citizens' Climate Lobby (CCL), a global NGO with over 60,000 volunteer members organized into nearly 400 local chapters.  BCL is a fast-growing group of skilled CCL volunteers who are engaging major American businesses and business organizations in effective non-partisan climate advocacy.  

BCL volunteers work directly with company leaders to craft strategies for engaging in climate advocacy. Because CCL chapters cover every Congressional district, we offer unique opportunities for community-based climate advocacy.

Given the urgency of the situation, it is imperative that business leaders put their shoulders to the levers of change and catalyze.  Dr. James Hansen puts it simply:  “It is the captains of industry that have the power to save us.”

BCL participating companies

Companies that join BCL because it helps them (either publicly or privately):  

  • Move Congress towards responsible and effective climate legislation.
  • Educate and activate their corporate government affairs and lobbyists to advocate for such legislation.
  • Demonstrate their climate leadership both nationwide and in targeted Congressional districts.
  • Enhance their corporate brand reputation.
  • Benefit from unique coalitions that powerfully magnify the voice of business.

Business climate leader activities

We advise and support companies in any of the following actions, or other ideas that are consistent with our non-partisan principles and goals.  

Encourage Congress to take meaningful action on climate

  • Participate in meetings which include members of Congress, other business leaders, mayors, chambers of commerce, community leaders, NGOs, and other government officials, and CCL members.
  • Encourage companies in your supply chain and/or industry associations to join BCL efforts.
  • Endorse Carbon Pricing Principles or CCL’s Carbon Fee & Dividend proposal to guide members of Congress.  

Meet with the members of congress

  • Explain the material risks and opportunities for your business from climate disruption
  • Describe what you are doing to be sustainable and how it relates to climate
  • Discuss your sustainability goals
  • Ask legislators to take specific actions on climate

Engage with citizens' climate lobby chapters

Invite a CCL speaker to lead a discussion on climate change with your employees.

Pursue other means of climate advocacy

  • Give your member of Congress a tour of your plant and explain your sustainability processes and plans.
  • Write an op-ed explaining your company's position on climate.
  • Participate in a regional or nationwide Advocacy Event with other businesses.

About Citizens' Climate Lobby 

CCL supports a very specific carbon pricing proposal, a form of Revenue-Neutral Carbon Fee and Dividend. While BCL welcomes your support for the CCL proposal, BCL's advocacy is policy agnostic.  This approach allows organizations with differing policy preferences to work together to get Congress going because— within that framework— individual companies can speak up for whatever policy details they believe are best and learn from each other in the process.

Read about CCL in the NYT's David Bornstein's Cracking Washington’s Gridlock to Save the Planet

CCL is featured in the National Geographic's series on climate change, Years of Living Dangerously, "...the story of Jay Butera, of Citizens’ Climate Lobby, who has succeeding in bringing congressmen of both parties together to develop legislative solutions to climate change while avoiding unproductive debates about the science."