We Are Still In--COP23 in Bonn (November 2017)

We Mean Business--COP23 in Bonn (November 2017)

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    From E2, May 2017:

    • The goals of the Paris Agreement represent an estimated $19T to the world economy over the next 30 years, $26B to the US economy by 2020 alone (Sources:  IEA and IRENA).

    • More than 3 million Americans work in clean energy.  

    • The global clean energy market is $1.4T, while the US share in that market is $320B.  Other countries are poised to jump into that market, overtaking the US share of investment and jobs.

    • US employment base stands to add 300,00 jobs by 2020, mostly in manufacturing and construction, during the shift to a low-carbon economy.

    • Over 1,000 businesses, collectively worth $1T, including Johnson & Johnson, Kellogg Co., and Dow Chemical, publicly support the Paris Agreement.  (Read more about corporate support at Low-Carbon USA.)


    California bill to make cap and trade similar to Carbon Fee and Dividend (5/5/17)

    With two new bills, Massachusetts moves on Carbon Pricing (2/8/17)

    US Carbon Pricing Initiatives by State