Health & medical Sector

Anthropogenic climate change, primarily from burning fossil fuels, already affects health in every region on earth.  The solutions that can slow climate change can also improve our health.  Cleaning up our air by transitioning to renewable energy and electrifying our cars can decrease everything from asthma to heart attacks, autism to premature births.  Remodeling our cities to emphasize public transportation can decrease obesity and improve physical fitness.  Sustainable agriculture will store carbon in the soil and improve our nutrition.  A carbon fee with a dividend returned to all citizens will benefit many, but more so people of lower socio-economic status.

Discussing the health effects of climate change has been found to be one of the most effective and least polarizing approaches for conveying the message about climate change.  Additionally, nurses and doctors are among the most trusted messengers for the general public.  The Health and Medical team strives to educate the public, works with health care organizations, facilities, and medical societies to stimulate climate action and, in addition to lobbying, is available to provide support for other CCL members, teams and activities when having a healthcare professional may be beneficial.



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Lori and Rob Byron are physicians in Montana, where Lori is a pediatrician and Rob is an internist.  They have spent most of their careers providing health care to the Crow Indians in Southwest Montana.  Lori works part-time as a pediatric hospitalist and is also pursuing a degree in energy policy.  Rob works as an adult hospitalist and also serves as CIO for a community health center he helped to found.  Lori and Rob work with climate activists in the health field who speak to groups on climate and health, and who work with hospital systems to endorse carbon pricing to encourage medical organizations nationwide to pass resolutions regarding the need for climate action.   They are active with the Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health. Rob has served as Governor of the Montana Chapter, American College of Physicians and served on the Board of Environmental Review for the State of Montana.  Lori has presided over the Montana Chapter of the Academy of Pediatrics, and currently serves on the Children's Health Advisory Committee to the EPA and the Council on Environmental Heath for the American Academy of Pediatrics.  They are devoted to advocating for action on climate change.