Bill Barron

CCL Regional Director, TEAM LEADER, Outdoor & Ski Sector

Bill grew up in rural Vermont, currently lives in Salt Lake City, UT, and is a lifetime outdoor enthusiast.  Since his time as a ski patrolman at Alta Ski Area during the '90s, Bill has seen firsthand the changes to the ski industry from climate change.  For seven years he has been advocating for federal carbon fee and dividend legislation with the Citizens' Climate Lobby (CCL).  Bill founded the Salt Lake City CCL Chapter in 2010, has been the CCL Mountain West Regional Coordinator since 2013 (supporting CCL volunteers in MT, WY, UT, CO, NM, AZ, and NV), and has been an unaffiliated climate candidate running for U.S. Senate and Congress in 2012, '14, and '16.

Lori BYron, MD and Rob Byron, MD

Co-leaders, Health & Medical Sector

Lori and Rob are physicians in Montana, where Lori is a pediatrician and Rob is an internist.  They have spent most of their careers providing health care to the Crow Indians in Southwest Montana.  Lori works part-time as a pediatric hospitalist and is also pursuing a degree in energy policy.  Rob works as an adult hospitalist and also serves as CIO for a community health center he helped to found.  Lori and Rob work with climate activists in the health field who speak to groups on climate and health, and who work with hospital systems to endorse carbon pricing to encourage medical organizations nationwide to pass resolutions regarding the need for climate action.   They are active with the Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health. Rob has served as Governor of the Montana Chapter, American College of Physicians and served on the Board of Environmental Review for the State of Montana.  Lori has presided over the Montana Chapter of the Academy of Pediatrics, and currently serves on the Children's Health Advisory Committee to the EPA and the Council on Environmental Heath for the American Academy of Pediatrics.  They are devoted to advocating for action on climate change.

RICHARD EIDLIN, Advisory Board

Co-Leader, Chemical Sector

Richard Eidlin is Vice President, Policy and Campaigns and Co-founder of American Sustainable Business Council.  He has worked for 30 years on sustainability, social entrepreneurship, policy, and corporate social responsibility (CSR) in both the public and private sectors.  In these efforts, Richard has served in many capacities:  as Business Outreach Director for the Apollo Alliance; Co-Director of Colorado Clean Tech for Obama; as a consultant to the UN Environment Programme; as Vice President with Solar Works, Inc.; as a board member for New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility; and as an adjunct faculty with Boston College.  He currently teaches environmental policy at the University of Denver, serves on the board of Rocky Mountain Employee Ownership Center, and is Advisor to the State Innovation Exchange.  Richard earned an MPP from the University of Wisconsin and a B.S. from the University of Maryland.

Bruce Hagen, Director of Project Management & Clean Energy Business Engagement

Leader, Clean Energy sector

Bruce is program management professional whose energy and environment policy work goes back to Earth Day 1.  Along the way, his work has included the California Coastal Commission and Nuclear Safeguards initiatives; energy legislative analysis in the US Senate (Bob Packwood, R-OR) for the first federal solar tax credits; both the early and recent days of PG&E’s demand side management program; and four years at Petaluma’s Enphase Energy.  He’s written 250 newspaper columns for the Petaluma Argus Courier on building sustainable community.  For the past 5 years, Bruce has volunteered for Citizens’ Climate Lobby, as Sonoma County Chapter Co-Chair and in addition to his full-time role with Business Climate Leaders.

Steve Hams, Founder, Director Of Engagement

steering committee; leader, Technology sector

After 30 years of executive human resources and general management experience in high tech, medical technology, education, sports and non-profit fields, Steve has consulted and volunteered for the last 7 years in the areas of climate change and education.  He now spends the majority of his professional time and energy volunteering with Citizens' Climate Lobby, both as a co-chapter lead for Silicon Valley North, and as Engagement Director for our Business Climate Leaders action team. 

Harold Hedelman, Founder, director of engagement, Steering committee

Leader, other Sectors

Harold is a founder of Business Climate Leaders. In the '80s, Harold followed graduate school at Cornell with a stint programming early computer games.  He soon began following entrepreneurial instincts and started and ran a non-profit school to educate artists and designers about the exploding worlds of computer animation, desktop publishing and the Internet.  In the new century, Harold turned his attention to spiritual and environmental fundraising and program development.  Most recently, he designed and ran a pilot program for the Natural Resources Development Council, testing whether their membership in 6 Midwestern states could effectively support the Clean Power Plan using the grassroots organizing methods of Citizens' Climate Lobby.  To solve the climate crisis, he views pricing carbon as a necessary first step to be followed as soon as possible with implementation of steps to draw down CO2 from the atmosphere and to return our planet to a healthy climate with zero degrees warming.

Rebecca Keller, Steering Committee

Rebecca has expansive experience in retirement planning and investments, including the investment of corporate pension funds, asset-liability modeling, portfolio analysis, performance measurement, and modeling of Social Security, defined benefit plans, and 401(k) plans.  She has earned the CFA designation.  Former employers include AIG, Bull HN, Mead Corp, and Wilshire Associates. Rebecca started her own business, Retirement Strategies, in 1991 and sold out three years later.  She currently use this experience in any way she can to help resolve the problem of global climate change. 

Emma Kinnucan

Leader, Defense & Aerospace Sector

Emma works in corporate strategy  in Washington, DC.  She began her career at the Department of Defense as an undergraduate and takes inspiration from the passion, integrity, and leadership of our nation's troops. In her spare time, she takes great peace and pleasure in enjoying the outdoors, from Rock Creek Park in DC to Acadia National Park in Maine. 

Matt Kovalski,

Co-Leader, Chemical Sector

As co-lead for this team, Matt sees this role as an ideal match between his past experience with NGOs relating to sustainability and climate change and with his background in chemical production.  He believes that there is a solid business case for the chemical sector to support climate change mitigation through carbon pricing, predominantly through an increase in demand for certain products, as well as through various forms of risk mitigation.  The chemical industry has created solutions to many sustainability issues over the course of modern history, and Matt believes that a transparent market-based price on CO2 emissions is the signal the chemical industry needs to once again rise to the challenge of solving the great 21st Century sustainability issue that is climate change.

Steve Levin, Steering Committee

Steve is the principal of Leading Change Consulting & Coaching.  With a background in Organizational Behavior (BA and MA from Yale University), he provides executive coaching and organizational change consulting to a wide variety of leaders across many industries. He regularly leads courses in Powerful Conversations, an advanced training for seasoned leaders and coaches to influence more effectively.  At Business Climate Leaders, Steve helps leaders to find their voice to engage others to fight climate change.  He supports Business Climate Leaders volunteers to create messages from the head and heart that move others to action.  

Sarah Macgregor, steering committee

Sarah is a communications consultant, a writer and researcher with a background in education.  She is adamant about making sure our children, bar none, have a healthy environment that allows them opportunity for fulfilling futures.  Sarah continues to work to build open lines of communication that facilitate common sense practices.  She holds a BA in English and an MEd.

Laura Madden, Steering committee

CO-leader, Retail & consumer sector

Laura has worked in public policy, advocacy, government and political affairs in Washington, DC for 30 years.  In 1987, as majority staff for Senator Patrick Leahy, Chairman of the US Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry, she was involved in oversight and legislation on nutrition and food policy, food safety, pesticides, conservation and rural development programs.  She also served as senior staff in the House of Representatives.  Laura is a government affairs professional, and her work has always sought to achieve consensus solutions and alliance with community, business and nonprofit stakeholders.

In 2010, Laura took the lead on federal government affairs for the Consumer Specialty Products Association, a consumer products trade association for 230+ member companies. Today, as an independent consultant and entrepreneur, Laura has created Phoenix Consults LLC to continue building alliances with high integrity and high impact private and nonprofit/social enterprise--and to catalyze community and economic opportunity through innovative partnerships and services--toward a more socially/economically just, environmentally sustainable, and spiritually fulfilling future.

James McManus

LEADER, Insurance & Finance Sector

James has a broad background in Earth Science and Information Technology. His career spans a period where he witnessed the development of the World Wide Web, from its beginnings, along side the continued development of geospatial technologies, and their application in the Earth Science's.  He has been interested in the insurance industry ever since Hurricane Andrew.  At that time, he was working at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center for a data archive of satellite imagery and model data used to study climate change. Andrew was a bellwether of what climate change could eventually do, and it drew the attention of the insurance industry, many companies came to NASA for data.  Later, while at NASA, James got involved with outreach efforts:  working with companies, universities and federal agencies, along with states and local governments on applications which used the data NASA archived.  Many of these efforts had connections to climate change.  This experience along with his Earth Science background has made James acutely aware of the dangers climate change poses, and has compelled him to get involved with solutions.  He sees Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL), with its focus on lobbying Congress directly to take action on climate change, as one of our best hopes to make a difference.  He sees his involvement in Business Climate Leaders (BCL) and with the Insurance industry as the best way that he can make a difference.

Randy Salim, Steering committee

Co-Leader, Food & Beverage and Retail & consumer Sectors

Randy has worked in senior management of media, internet and non-profit companies.  He lived in the Philippines and Hong Kong where he lead the business development efforts for The Economist Intelligence Unit (part of The Economist Group) in Asia.  In 1996 he joined Yahoo! as their first business development director where he was involved in a variety of distribution, content and international partnerships and extensions.  He is a certified Waldorf grades teacher, a ceramic artist, avid surfer and father concerned about stewarding the earth for future generations. Since his days as an economics student at the University of Michigan he has believed that pollution needs to be properly accounted for which has brought him to his work with CCL and the Business Climate Leaders.  

ZINA SPEZAKIS, Advisory Board, Steering Committee

After a successful career as a financial services executive, Zina Spezakis started her next career in clean energy technology.  She has coupled her passion for environmental causes with her interest in helping grow companies sustainably and profitably.  Driven by a strong sense of urgency for environment, she is focused on helping and investing in clean-tech start-ups and sustainable business practices.  She is currently on the board of directors of Ecolectro, a Cornell startup in clean energy and on the board of Cornell’s Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future and Citizen’s Climate Education.  Zina has a demonstrated record of accomplishment in investment management, operations, business creation, resource planning, budgeting, risk management, strategic planning, and media appearances.  With over 20 years of experience, she worked in asset management in a variety of roles including trading, portfolio management, operations and distribution, servicing retail and institutional investors in both traditional and alternative investments.  She has led and grown investment advisers throughout most of her career.  Previously, at MA Capital Management, Zina was part of team that brought alternative investments to the retail space.  At Allianz Global Investors, she was Chief Operating Officer (Managed Accounts) and Director of Risk Management and Operations (US retail), responsible for approximately $130 Billion in assets.  She has also worked at PIMCO Funds, Morgan Stanley Private Client Services and Chase Private Banking.  Zina earned her MBA in Finance and Business Economics from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, and a MA in International Relations from the University of Chicago School of Social Sciences.  She also has dual undergraduate degree from Cornell University in Economics and Government. She is a Charted Financial Analyst.

JOEL STONE, Advisory Board

Co-Leader, Chemical Sector

Joel Stone’s participation and engagement with BCL is driven by his long-term commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability using industrial biotechnology to offer solutions:  “I think the BCL platform will allow all industries and governments to engage interactively to identify a unified pathway for maintaining an environment that our children and grandchildren can feel safe in for generations to come.”

Joel is the President of ConVergInce Advisers, and serves as Executive Vice President of Lee Enterprises Consultants, the world’s premier bioeconomy consulting group. As Executive Vice President, he serves as the practice Leader of the Renewable Chemicals, Anaerobic Digestion/Biogas, Water Treatment, and Bioethanol groups.  He has been a long-term visionary and respected leader in commercialization of industrial biotechnology. ConVergInce Advisers is focused on delivering “Visionary & Innovative Solutions” including commercialization assistance for advanced technology clients in renewable chemicals, biochemicals, biofuels, and agricultural and biobased ingredients for food and consumer products. Joel is the former President of Green Biologics Inc. where he led the development of the commercial platform of the company in North America for renewable n-butanol and acetone for use in the renewable specialty and performance chemical markets. He now serves as President and Founder of ConVergInce Advisers and offers adviser services for industrial biotechnology companies. Prior to the merger in 2011 with Green Biologics, Joel was CEO of butylfuel™ Inc.   Previously he was responsible for leading Osage Bio Energy in establishing new product and business opportunities where as the company Chief Operations Officer he was instrumental in ushering BioRefining to the forefront of biofuel facilities. Joel has served as the Chief Operating Officer for both AS Alliances Biofuels LLC and Abengoa Bioenergy Corporation. During his tenure with ASAlliances, Joel's accomplishments included the planning, construction, and startup of three 100 MMGPY fuel grade ethanol plants. Mr. Stone provided operations and engineering leadership as Vice President of Operations of Balchem Corporation, a leading developer and manufacturer of controlled release food ingredients and animal feed nutrients. He provided 11 year’s executive leadership as Vice President of Operations for Opta Food Ingredients, a developer and manufacturer of functional starch, protein, and fiber ingredients. His leadership included process development, engineering, operations of 4 facilities, as well as M&A activities. Earlier in his career Joel served as Director of Manufacturing for Genencor, a biotechnology developer and manufacturer of food and industrial grade enzymes. He was instrumental in the scale up of both cellulase and chymosin enzymes.  During the 1980's, Mr. Stone provided leadership in the design, startup, and operation of three fuel ethanol facilities. Mr. Stone holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Virginia Polytechnic University; and an M.S. in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania.  He serves as a Board Advisor for the Biorenewable Deployment Consortium and serves on the GC3 Startup Network Steering Committee. He has also been selected to the Biofuels Digest Top 100 in Bioeconomy: #58 in 2015, #59 in 2014.