Defense & Aerospace Sector

Military leaders and veterans recognize climate change as a "threat multiplier" that exacerbates instability, threatens defense assets, and poses a risk to our national security.  Defense industry executives are responding to the climate change-related challenges their military clients face with creativity, ingenuity, and passion. From developing energy-efficient military vehicles to reducing their own carbon emissions, defense companies are on the front lines of reducing the harmful impacts of greenhouse gases on our environment.  Our mission is to empower these defense leaders to press for broad action to limit the effects of climate change. 

Team Lead

Emma Kinnucan works in corporate strategy  in Washington, DC.  She began her career at the Department of Defense as an undergraduate and takes inspiration from the passion, integrity, and leadership of our nation's troops. In her spare time, she takes great peace and pleasure in enjoying the outdoors, from Rock Creek Park in DC to Acadia National Park in Maine.