Climate Solutions in a Carbon-Priced Economy

A Business Roundtable
9:00 AM Wednesday, June 13, 2018 in Washington, DC

Join BCL and distinguished leaders for discussion of best practices and prospects for the carbon-based economy.

The defining challenge for humanity this century is returning our atmosphere and ocean to healthy conditions. Reversing global warming and ocean acidification will require getting the economics right. Many leaders from diverse disciplines agree that meaningful carbon pricing policies are a foundational keystone and will encourage investors and business leaders to lead the way in:

  • Removing carbon from the atmosphere
  • Avoiding putting it there in the first place
  • Putting carbon to productive uses in our economy as both a necessity and a significant economic/business opportunity

Even as a price on carbon incentivizes the transition to a low carbon economy, achieving a healthy climate will require additional legislative approaches and the strategic use of revenues generated from a pricing system.  Identifying and then executing on such solutions will require problem-solving from industry and bipartisan support from policymakers. A logical place to begin is with sectors that either have the most potential to drawdown GHGs or are currently emitting the most GHGs.

In this Business Roundtable, leaders from these sectors will present ideas on existing and potential additional solutions and the public policies that can help businesses make significant contributions towards restoring a healthy climate.

Goals for this event are to:

  • Present carbon fee and dividend as a foundational climate solution
  • Explore business opportunities to address climate change that emerge by reframing the conversation
  • Describe the outlines of public policy to catalyze these opportunities
  • Spark cross-sector creative problem-solving and interaction
  • Explore ongoing engagement in policy design and advocacy
  • Connect business leaders with elected officials eager to partner on climate solutions


Roundtable discussion with (ideally) two moderators from the Solutions Caucus (1 R and 1 D) and 5 to 7
leaders from three major sectors.

Two presentations (one about carbon taxes and one on the Climate Solutions Caucus), followed by the main event: presentations from roundtable participants. Q & A at the close of presentations and end of session.

AGENDA (2-hour session)

  • Opening remarks: Carbon Productivity— Reframing the conversation from risk to opportunity, from slowing down to reversing global warming, from trade-offs to shared prosperity (10 min)
  • Introduction to the Climate Solutions Caucus (10 minutes)
  • Introduction to CCL, Carbon Fee  & Dividend, and BCL (15 minutes)
  • Presentation and discussion of sector-specific ideas on other climate solutions with Q & A after each sector (60 minutes: 10 minute presentation plus 10 minutes Q & A for each sector.)  

o Agriculture
o Transportation
o Energy & Electricity


  • Q&A with Audience (25 minutes)
  • Meet  and greet


Opening Remarks by Lorraine Smith, Volans
CSC Briefing led by member(s) of the Caucus or their staff
Around the table: Leaders from 3 sectors with the largest carbon footprints and/or the greatest potential to drawdown GHGs
Moderator(s): TBD


In the audience, representatives from:

  • Companies and industry groups from major business sectors
  • NGOs who work closely with industry
  • BCL members (especially sector team leaders and steering cmte)
  • CCL staff and interested volunteers
  • Climate Solutions Caucus members/staffers and other members of Congress

VENUE:  On the Hill in Washington, DC.