BCL is governed by a Steering Committee.

Harold Hedelman, director of engagement

Harold is a founder of Business Climate Leaders. In the '80s, Harold followed graduate school at Cornell with a stint programming early computer games.  He soon began following  entrepreneurial instincts and started and ran a non-profit school to educate artists and designers about the exploding worlds of computer animation, desktop publishing and the Internet.  In the new century Harold turned his attention to spiritual and environmental fundraising and program development.  Most recently he designed and ran a pilot program for the Natural Resources Development Council, testing whether their membership in 6 Midwestern states could effectively support the Clean Power Plan using the grassroots organizing methods of Citizens' Climate Lobby.  To solve the climate crisis, he views pricing carbon as a necessary first step, to be followed as soon as possible with implementation of steps to draw down CO2 from the atmosphere and to return our planet to a healthy climate with zero degrees warming.

Steve Hams, Engagement Director

After 30 years of executive human resources and general management experience in high tech, medical technology, education, sports and non-profit fields, Steve has consulted and volunteered for the last 7 years in the areas of climate change and education.  He now spends the majority of his professional time and energy volunteering with Citizens' Climate Lobby, both as a co-chapter lead for Silicon Valley North, and as Engagement Director for our Business Climate Leaders action team. 

Bruce Hagen, Director of Clean Energy Business Engagement, CCL-BCL

Bruce Hagen’s energy and environment policy work goes back to Earth Day 1.  Along the way, his work has included the California Coastal Commission and Nuclear Safeguards initiatives; energy legislative analysis in the US Senate (Bob Packwood, R-OR) for the first federal solar tax credits; both the early and recent days of PG&E’s demand side management program; and four years at Petaluma’s Enphase Energy.  He’s written 250 newspaper columns for the Petaluma Argus Courier on building sustainable community.  For the past 5 years, he has volunteered for Citizens’ Climate Lobby, as Sonoma County Chapter Co-Chair and more recently Business Climate Leaders, presently full-time.

Jim Tolbert, Director of Account Management

Mr. Tolbert is a geochemist who spent 28 years as a consultant to private industries cleaning up historic releases.  Five years ago, he quit to focus his time creating a more rational dialogue on climate policy, and has been active in CCL for 4 years.  He has built meaningful relationships with many large corporations who were his clients when he performed environmental cleanups, and understands that corporations often understand complex environmental issues (like climate change) very well.  He has been helping Business Climate Leaders reach out to and engage corporate staff.

Rebecca Keller

Rebecca has expansive experience in retirement planning and investments, including the investment of corporate pension funds, asset-liability modeling, portfolio analysis, performance measurement, and modeling of Social Security, defined benefit plans, and 401(k) plans.  She has earned the CFA designation.  Former employers include AIG, Bull HN, Mead Corp, and Wilshire Associates. Rebecca started her own business, Retirement Strategies, in 1991 and sold out three years later.  She currently use this experience in any way she can to help resolve the problem of global climate change. 

Steve Levin

Steve Levin is the principal of Leading Change Consulting & Coaching.  With a background in Organizational Behavior (BA and MA from Yale University), he provides executive coaching and organizational change consulting to a wide variety of leaders across many industries. He regularly leads courses in Powerful Conversations, an advanced training for seasoned leaders and coaches to influence more effectively.  At Business Climate Leaders, Steve helps leaders to find their voice to engage others to fight climate change.  He supports Business Climate Leaders volunteers to create messages from the head and heart that move others to action.