Farmers, ranchers, and others in agriculture are encouraging Members of Congress to enact climate solutions in an effective, bipartisan, economically supportive and equitable way.

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We American farmers, ranchers and members of agribusinesses hereby declare our strong recommendation for federal action to reduce the increasing effects of climate change, allowing all of us in the food, fuel, fiber, and feed supply chain to flourish and creating a healthy planet for all future generations.

WHEREAS the recent National Climate Assessment report calls for immediate action to stem the worst effects of climate change;

WHEREAS climate change should be neither a partisan nor a political issue but a bridge to bring us together for our common future;

WHEREAS our farms, ranches, and agribusinesses are already impacted by climate change and we are concerned that, unless checked, more frequent, multiple impacts will create conditions (see NCA) where we can no longer provide the food and other products that our nation depends on us for;

WHEREAS food and agriculture directly or indirectly accounts for about a fifth of America’s economic activity and more than a fourth of American jobs, according to a recent study.  Every state is an agricultural state.

WHEREAS there is growing recognition by farmers, ranchers, and agribusinesses that certain agricultural practices promoting soil health can sequester carbon and reduce greenhouse gas emissions while at the same time providing greater profitability and resilience to rising temperatures and extreme weather events; and while support for healthy soils is important for reducing future impacts, these practices are not sufficient on their own to adequately stabilize the climate. A consensus of economists believe an economy-wide, market-based price on carbon is also essential.  Such a price is supported by a majority of American citizens;

WHEREAS the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act is just such  a carbon price, placing a gradually rising price on fossil fuels and distributing the revenue in equal shares to all Americans. It was recently introduced in the House of Representatives and is the first bipartisan climate solution bill in over a decade;

WHEREAS research shows that the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act will effectively reduce America’s emissions by at least 40% within 12 years, grow the economy and create additional jobs, improve our overall health, and is revenue neutral;

WHEREAS, America has the technology and the economic strength for bold climate action and time is of the essence; the actions we take in the next few years will have repercussions (potentially very positive or negative depending on our course of action) for generations to come; and all that we need is public and political will to meet the challenge of stabilizing our climate in the future;


We declare climate change a substantial and growing risk to our farms, ranches, and agribusinesses. We endorse the fair and effective bipartisan, national carbon pricing policy Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act.


Broadfork Farm
-Moseley, VA
Food Forest Farm
-Brooktondale, NY
Hickory Nut Gap Farm
-Fairview, NC
Mountainside Family Farms
-Swannanoa, NV

Ohio Farm Bureau
-Columbus, OH
Peacemeal Farm
-Hadensville, VA
Thatchmore Farm
-Leicester, NC