Helping American Business Leaders Advocate for Effective Climate Policy

Business Climate Leaders (BCL) is an initiative of Citizens' Climate Lobby (CCL), a nonpartisan grassroots advocacy group with nearly 100,000 members in over 450 US chapters.  We are helping American businesses understand and take action in shaping federal climate policy.  Working through our nationwide network of relationships with members of Congress and their staffs, our volunteer professionals can help you leverage your climate advocacy investments with minimal risk and resources.  Learn more. 


THE U.S. BUSINESS CASE FOR A CARBON TAX:                          Driving Innovation, Equity & Opportunity

September 13th from 1:00PM TO 7:00PM in san francisco      

Join us for a ½-day Forum to explore how carbon taxes tackle climate change, create jobs and stimulate the economy.  We'll analyze different carbon tax proposals, highlight current efforts to price carbon in the states and nationally, and discuss best practices for climate advocacy.  The Forum is an affiliate event of the Global Climate Action Summit.  More on the Forum Program and Registration.

In Support of Carbon Pricing (Aspen): Lisa Jackson, Paul Hawken, Lawrence Summers

We THank these Business Climate Leaders for participating in BCL Activities!